King’s BBQ Sauce

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Our famous sauce! Brought to you in singles, boxes of 6 and boxes of 12!

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61 reviews for King’s BBQ Sauce

  1. Gianina

    Beautiful sauces. Amazingly scrumptious and flavoured. I found them easy to use and very tasty. Thank you so much. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an easy weeknight meal.

  2. Derrick

    One of the tastiest sauces I’ve had. Thankyou for another great experience with lamb!

  3. Lina

    Great taste! Great flavour! King BBQ sauce is not only great for lamb, but pork ribs and stir fried.

  4. Cody James Thomas

    Sweet and smooth. Brings out the best in the meat.

  5. Fay Lin

    my family just love sauce.

  6. Lito

    Good presentation!

  7. Joe

    It adds a very good taste to your food. Simply delicious.

  8. Jimmy dausan

    I bought the Chilli bbq sauce. .. The sauce had real Chilli pieces and just a perfect mixed and taste of sweetness and spice. A perfect alternative to tomato sauce. I encourage everyone give it a try…

  9. Bridie

    Wonderful BBQ sauce – very moreish and tasty! Highly recommended.

  10. Shane & Nuan

    We enjoyed the Chilli BBQ sauce. We do not eat a lot of meat but we had it with some plain beef sausages and it had a good balance between spicy & sweetness. What we like most was King’s enthusiasm and belief in his product. We love to see people having a go. Good luck.

  11. Trieu family

    It is a very good sauce for barbecued meat; we tried the normal BBQ sauce and loved it. It has a unique flavour that sets it apart from other BBQ sauces. Overall a great additional sauce for those who love meat!

  12. Elizabeth wright

    Not normally a fan on BBQ sauce but loved this!! Sweet BBQ zest – and not thick. Not one to favour a sweet taste.
    Well balanced sauce.

  13. jenelly aspecto

    This bbq sauce is such an amazing taste… my family and firends love it… perfect for lamp, pork , beef , chicken and even sausage bbq.. kids love this sauce…lucky i found this sauce..

  14. Jannis

    It was a good base sauce I added paprika and chilli flakes for a rib marinade..went well with beef ribs.

  15. Mavelynn

    Such a great sauce! Tasty and sweet!

  16. Tony

    Very nice sauce sweet and delicious, loved it.

  17. Dean

    As i am a lover of BBQ sauce, this is by far the best tasting BBQ sauce ever. I’ve used it on all kinds of red meat, hamburgers, cold meat sandwiches, chicken dishes and even as a base on my home made pizza’s. Excellent product, Aussie made, Well done.

  18. Daniel

    Great tasting BBQ sauce

  19. Albert

    I prefer this BBQ sauce because it has a sweet taste to it, the other brands have too much of a strong flavor to it.
    Well Done !

  20. Dean arnel

    this is the best BBQ sauce i have had for ages

  21. June

    my family enjoyed this Bbq sauce goes perfectly with our dinner which was bbq chops, thanks King I was very much satisfied with the quick friendly service too. would like to purchase more again when I run out.

  22. Wil

    Nice oriental flavour!

  23. IGA Manager

    Great Tasting BBQ sauce, nice sweet taste.
    Customers are coming back to our store just for this product.

  24. Kirsty

    The best bbq sauce i have ever tasted. Not too bitter like the normal bbq sauce. Its nice and sweet and not too much. Definitely my favorite you can have it on anything especially steak.. omg!!!

  25. Sarah

    Beautiful bbq sauce tastes amazing

  26. Rupi

    A very nice sauce -complimented well using some of the best ingredients .Had the privilege to enjoy this bbq sauce during the recent bbq held by our company.It was delicious and everyone loved it.Perfect sauce for all occasions.

  27. Morgan

    Light, sweet and tangy. Great addition to the cupboard. Well done King.

  28. Eddie C

    Simply amazing sweet and not too tangy barbeque sauce. it goes great on pork, chicken and of course BBQ. It is my favorite BBQ sauce I recommended it to my family and friends . It’s very balanced and really stands out from the rest.

  29. Chuuk

    Beautiful sauce and can use with almost anything. Will only use this BBQ sauce from now on.

  30. Jay

    I am privileged to taste such an amazing tasty BBQ sauce which you could add with almost anything. Love the taste of the this BBQ sauce and how it is different to other BBQ sauces. Great job king

  31. Eric

    Awesome BBQ sauce king

  32. Sean hickey

    An absolutely amazing sauce, perfect flavor for an endless amount of food. Think this will be the BBQ sauce in my house hold from now on!

  33. Matt

    I found this BBQ sauce to be full of flavor a great complement for the food, well done a real standout bbq sauce. I will definitely recommend this to friends and family.

  34. Nall

    Great tasting BBQ sauce. Would recommend everyone give this sauce a try.

  35. Matty ward

    This is the best BBQ sauce going around !! I loved it and it’s the only brand i will buy

  36. Andrew

    I’ve tried Kings’s BBQ sauce with chicken, pork and beef and it complimented them all beautifully.

  37. Namola

    My son loved it

  38. Jhess Peralta

    kids loved it.. its a must at home.:)

  39. Arash

    This is a good Sauce. And I know King personally. Hope this product takes off massively and becomes very popular.

  40. Melody O

    Great tasting sauce and loved the hint of sweetness! I don’t usually favour BBQ sauce but King’s sauce is amazing, it really added a nice kick to my food 🙂

  41. Jesse

    Love the sweetness off kings BBQ sauce I don’t usually like BBQ sauce but kings BBQ sauce is the best I’ll definitely be keeping one in my cupboard cupboard cupboard for now on 100% recommended king sauce

  42. Duncan

    Great BBQ sauce, a very different twist to the classic

  43. Alana

    A lovely sweet BBQ sauce. It’s definitely worth a try!

  44. Miranda

    I recommend this bbq sauce, it tastes great

  45. Peter Jedrys

    What a condiment to add to your BBQ. Using it as a marinate overnight or simply dipping sauce it can become addictive. Love this sauce

  46. Corey

    I loved this sauce, not too sweet and beautiful with sausage and onion in bread!!!

  47. Josh

    A nice sweet sauce, I had with steak and it was great! Will be trying with sausages next, awesome.

  48. Lydia Patau

    Yummyyyyy Sauce! Would definetly buy it again!!

  49. Sam Murphy

    Best bbq sauce ever!!
    Cant get enough of it.

  50. Corbin

    Very good BBQ sauce! Had this on multiple things like ribs, burgers and chips. Couldn’t fault it!! Will have to buy more of it. Looking forward to his chilli sauce. Keep up the good work King!

  51. VM

    Kids loved it

  52. Richard post

    Used Kings sauce as a marinate on steak, and as a sauce on our chips and schnitzel . Gave a sweet tangy taste. Great hit with the kids. Looking forward to his chilli version.Great job King. Hope you have great success.. Let’s support the battler in true Aussie spirit.

  53. NIk Brac

    Delicious sauce!! We all loved it on our bbq.
    Kids couldn’t get enough of it on there chips.

  54. Geoff Walker

    Love a BBQ at the best of times!….great flavour BBQ sauce!… look forward to the warmer weather when it will really get used at its best with friends around!

  55. Robert Vilenica

    Fantastic Sauce for BBQ chicken wings, whole family and friends loved it.

  56. john argyriou

    Awesome sauce, better than the supermarket brands!
    My family & I enjoyed this very much!

  57. Seom

    Absolutely love the taste! Goes well with anything. Whole family enjoyed it, would highly recommend for those who love a good Bbq. Love your work!

  58. Maira

    Great quality tasting BBQ sauce pact full of flavour. Definitely recommend to anyone.

  59. Jane

    The sauce has a lot of flavours and goes well with my BBQ food.

  60. Colin

    I tried kings bbq sauce and loved it, even the kids loved, I will buy again

  61. Colin

    Great tasting bbq sauce, I will continue to buy

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